Drill Your Own Water Well

‘Large Bore’ Water Well Kit

For using Hand Pumps and/or Electric Pumps

‘Small Bore’ Water Well Kit

Perfect “Bug-Out-Box” for the Prepper!

Make Sure You Always Have Access to Clean Water

Nobody can survive without access to clean water – which is why we make it easy to drill your own water well! No matter where you live, you can’t depend on your public water supply to always be there. Drought, hurricanes, earthquakes, and even floods can disrupt the public water supply for unknown lengths of time. Our DIY Water Well Kits are just what you need to be in control of your access to water.
Watch these videos to see just how easy and affordable it is to drill your own water well.

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DIY Water Well

What a fun project. Our boys now know how easy it is to drill your own water well. We drilled this well to 45 feet by hand. Probably the record on this site!
— Tommy & Melissa, TX

We are the largest manufacturer of do-it-yourself water well kits in North America.

In just 3 and a half hours we installed this 25 foot well. Your kit made it really easy to drill my own water well. Thanks!
— Vinnie V., TX

DIY Water Well
DIY Water Well

Very easy to install. It provides a level of peace of mind knowing a large portion of the survival equation is taken care of.
— Jason C.

Learn a life saving skill and make sure you are prepared for any disaster that comes your way! Click here to watch our instructional videos.

I couldn’t believe we hit water that fast. There’s tremendous security in knowing you always have access to water.
— Jody

Drill Your Own Water Well
Drill Your Own Water Well

Water is life.

Jody and Adrienne founded Emergency Water Well out of their compassion for the people in developing countries who do not have access to clean drinking water. After living through two devastating hurricanes in the U.S. they also saw the need for emergency access to water in their own back yard. They have drilled countless wells for over 10 years and have developed these easy, affordable DIY water well kits so that you can drill your own water well and make sure you always have access to clean drinking water. Learn more.