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4 Advantages of Hand Pumps: Reasons to Consider This Option

4 Advantages of Hand Pumps: Reasons to Consider This Option

Welcome to another Emergency Water Well blog! In this post we are going to explain what are the main advantages of hand pumps.

Before starting to explain its advantages, it is necessary that you understand what a manual water pump is, how it works, what are its uses.

A manual water pump, as the name suggests, is one that needs human power to fulfill the basic function of any pump: the movement of liquids from one place to another.

It’s simple operation makes it the ideal device when it comes to moving small amounts of water and it does not take too much force to achieve it.

How Does a Manual Water Pump Work?

The manual water pump is a device that works thanks to a piston or plunger, a lever attached to a moving point, a connecting rod and a washer.

The process that makes the water move is as follows:

  • As the lever is raised, the piston goes down and the water enters through the holes or tubes and the washer is lifted by the pressure of the water. Basically a suction effect is created.
  • When the lever is lowered, the washer does the same, cutting off the flow of water and causing it to accumulate inside the pump.
  • When the process is repeated several times, the amount of water that accumulates increases and eventually flows out of the outlet valve.

The manual water pump can be used both in the home, to move small amounts of liquid from a drum or a shallow well, as well as in the industrial field, since its basic but safe operation allows the adequate extraction of chemical substances.

These Are the Top Four Advantages of Hand Pumps

Human-powered pumping is an active system, requiring human strength to lift and extract water from low to high. It can be used with surface water, groundwater and reservoirs to distribution systems.

The pumping devices are easy to install, operate and capable of lifting water in amounts suitable for small communities and provide faster and easier access to water.

Here are the top four advantages of hand pumps:

  1. Water pumps are easy to install
  2. They offer great efficiency and versatility
  3. Manual water pumps are very resistant
  4. They are an economical and durable option

There are several models and variations of manual water pumps, which vary in costs, uses, performance, operation and maintenance; It is therefore important to take into account the conditions and customs of each locality.

Water Pumps Are Easy to Install

There are different models of water pumps, most of them are compact and easy to install and operate. Thanks to the rapid progress they have had in recent years, they are becoming more efficient and the materials they use are lighter and stronger. In addition, it has few moving parts, which makes it low maintenance.

They Offer Great Efficiency and Versatility

These pumps offer great efficiency and versatility. They can reach a pumping capacity of up to 1,100 liters and can operate at different heights. These characteristics allow its operation to be more efficient. So they can be used in domestic use, gardening, industrial applications, construction, among others.

They are usually small and since their parts are not too complex, they are low maintenance. We recommend manual water pumps as we know that they offer a wide variety of benefits to users. Buy one and discover that you are without just some of the many advantages they can offer you.

Manual Water Pumps Are Very Resistant

Currently, materials highly resistant to humidity, external environmental elements and low-level shocks are used, which allows it to be used in any space without the need for special care or installation.

Unlike the older models, the new water pumps have quiet operation from start to stop, which is a safety enhancement by allowing communication in work areas.

They Are an Economical and Durable Option

The prices of the water pumps are more and more accessible, in addition they consume less and less energy. Likewise, they require a minimum of maintenance, are very durable and have a sealing system to protect the internal elements of the equipment.

To get all the benefits of water pumps, contact Emergency Water Well specialists, where we have the best equipment and materials for commercial, industrial and domestic hydraulic systems.

If you are looking for help then you are in the right place. Our team has the necessary experience to guide you; In other words, we want to help you make the right decisions. Don’t waste any more time, take your phone and dial our number to buy the best hand pumps.