DIY Instructional Videos

Hand Pumps | ‘Small Bore’ | ‘Large Bore’

Water Well Hand Pump Assembly

This video shows the simple steps needed install our water well hand pump in a shallow or deep water well. It will show you how to install it as a stand alone pump or how to run it in parallel with an electric pump.

Small Bore Water Well In a Box

This instructional video is for those who have purchased our “Small Bore” Water Well In A Box kit. It lays out the kit and shows how to drill the hole and assemble the kit.

Large Bore Water Well In a Box

Our most popular video for those who are interested in drilling their own water well by hand. Known as a “Large Bore” DIY water well, this video has step by step instructions and diagrams to educate you on every aspect of your well. Click here for a written recap of the 5 steps described in this video.