DIY Water Well Reviews

DIY Water Well - Vinnie

In just 3 and a half hours we installed this 25 foot DIY water well. Your kit made it really easy. Thanks! Where we live it’s mostly clay, sand and a little gravel. The gravel slowed us down a little bit but not much. We used the side of the house to lean the drilling pipe against. Worked out pretty good. We penetrated into about 5′ of water sand. What a beautiful sound it is to hear the auger splashing into water when you lower it down. Our well gets about 5 gallons of water then wait half an hour and it’s full again.
— Vinnie V., TX

DIY Water Well - Tommy & Melissa

What a fun project. Our boys now know how easy a DIY water well can be drilled. We drilled this well to 45 feet by hand. Probably the record on this site! It took us a day and a half but was a fun project. We live on a hill so we knew we needed to drill deeper than most. It was pretty easy drilling with the auger as we live on pure sand. Because we didn’t drill next to a very tall tree to lean the drill pipe up against, we broke apart the drill pipe in two sections every time we pulled out of the hole once we hit about 35 feet. It took a little longer this way but was a lot safer.
— Tommy & Melissa

DIY Water Well - Jason C.

This DIY water well is very easy to install. It provides a level of peace knowing a large portion of the survival equation is taken care of. I live next to a drainage ditch so it made sense that I had to drill deeper than it. The final well was about 35 feet. It was mostly clay until 30 feet then I hit about 5 feet of water bearing sand. Once I was ready to install the 4 inch casing I realized I had bought the wrong connectors for it. I had to run back to the hardware store to get new ones. When I got back part of the sand layer collapsed and I never was able to dig it back out. Eventually I decided to just hammer the well screen down through the two feet of collapsed sand. In the end it worked and I can get about 120 pumps of water before I have to let it recharge for an hour. I drilled next to a tall tree so it was pretty easy to lean the drill pipe against while I drilled.
— Jason C., South Texas

DIY Water Well - Guy, GoM

After living on the gulf coast for more than a decade and living through hurricanes, we decided to add a DIY water well to our property. This could be a one-man job but I had a buddy with an auger and strong back to help. It took us about 5 hours from start to finish but we also had little ones helping with the drilling process and that slowed us a down a little. The pump worked like a champ! After a few strokes we had water from 25′ deep to the surface. The pump is made of quality materials and looks like it will provide us years of service!
— Guy, GoM

DIY Water Well - Jody

I couldn’t believe we hit water that fast. We finished this DIY water well in a few hours. There’s a lot of security in always having access to water. Even though we live on the top of a hill, the water table is about six feet deep. It’s pretty solid clay then rich watery sand for the next ten feet. Did not have any problems with the well collapsing with this auger like we did when trying to water jet a well.
— Jody, Emergency Water Well

DIY Water Well - Jody

Here is my lovely new well. I am a 43 year old mother of six. I was able do most everything myself. I found that the hardest part was the fact that I don’t have the grip strength that most men do. Using the wrenches to loosen and tighten the pipes was challenging; the actual digging was fairly easy.
— Sue, Georgia

DIY Water Well - Jody

The well seems to be working good. My brother lives a few houses away and wants one too

DIY Water Well - Jody

Made it to 20 feet with my helper! The well finished nicely.
— Michigan

DIY Water Well - Jody

Great product and excellent support. Ended up at 24 feet. A little more clay in the sand than I was hoping for but I hit rocky clay under the wet sand.
— Michigan

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